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Trevor's Submission Excerpt



Scott began describing various pieces of furniture.


"This is a St. Andrew's Cross. As you can see, there are four spots where a submissive is bound to it." They walked over to the wide leather bench he attached Marcus to an hour ago. "This bench has a variety of options. One can be tied to the end, bent over, and bound. Or can be put in a laying position..."


He walked over to the wall where some of the floggers, paddles, and cuffs hung.


"These are pretty self explanatory, yes?" He looked at Trevor who had yet to say a word. He picked up the leather paddle and held it like he was playing ping pong. "Any questions?"


Trevor shook his head. When Scott turned to leave, he held Scott's wrist. "So, you know how to use all these items on people, on, a submissive?"


Scott cocked his head and looked at Trevor. "Of course. Why else would I claim to be a dungeon Master?"


Trevor's face went pale and he looked like he was going to faint.


Scott took his arm and let him to the sofa. "Stay here, don't move. I'll go get you some water."


Marcus went to help and Lauren stopped him. "Scott has everything under control, watch."


They stayed in their spot and continued to watch the interaction.


Scott returned with some water. Trevor was still pale and Scott began to unbutton his shirt.


"Hey!" Trevor tried to protest.


"Oh please, why so modest? I can see how excited you are by just looking between your legs."


Trevor blushed and let Scott undo his shirt.


"Are you always this bossy?" Trevor drank all the water in the glass.


"I'm a fucking Dom, Trevor, thought you knew." Scott sat down next to Trevor and took the empty glass.


"Well, thank you for the tour; I do not need a Dom so..."


"Heh, you’re funny. You need a Dom so bad it's made you almost beside yourself."


"And you think you know me, Mr. I'm Super Dungeon Master?" Trevor's voice quivered. "You don't know dick about me."


"Lauren did not tell me you were a smart ass. Just that you were handy with tools. What's got you so scared?" Scott turned in toward Trevor. His voice softened just a bit.


Trevor put his hands on his face and let out a big sigh. "If you're so observant, you tell me."



Scott looked Trevor over, saying nothing at first. "Alright, let me tell you what I see. I see a man who has carried a burden all his life. Who is tired of putting on a front for a world he thinks hates and judges him?


I see a man who is right where he needs to be and is smart to be talking to a "know it all Dom" who might be interested in helping him explore different parts of himself."


Trevor turned his head toward Scott. "You see a lot."


"Do you know what else I saw?"


Trevor sighed and sat up. "Tell me."


"I saw the paddle turned you on most of all. Ever get a spanking as a kid?" Scott's voice was penetrating. He had Trevor's full attention now. "I bet you used to get sent over someone's knees and whooped and it excited you even then. I bet it was the first erotic experience you ever had."


Trevor whistled. "Wow, you're good man."


"I'm quite handy with a paddle, too."


Trevor's voice was low and timid all of a sudden. "You want to spank me?"


"I think you could do with the release."


"Release? You mean, make me get off by paddling me?”


"That's exactly what I mean. Isn't that what you want?" Scott did not move but waited for Trevor to process the invitation.


"So, you’re asking me if I want you to hit me with that paddle until I come."


"Exactly, we can be done and over with it in say, five minutes."


Trevor shook his head. "What if Lauren came in, or Marcus?" He wasn't saying no.


"If you shut the door, I assure you, it will only be you, that paddle and me." Scott gave Trevor a smirk but still he did not move.


Trevor nodded his consent and took a big sigh. "I'd like that."




Trevor looked over to Scott. "Sir, I'd like you to paddle my ass." He turned his head away in embarrassment.


Scott stood up and went to the wall to grab the paddle. He sat down and waited for Trevor to move. "Trevor, don't ever be ashamed to ask for what you need, especially if it's being offered."


Trevor nodded. Tears welled up in his eyes.


"Shut the door and drop your drawers." Scott padded his lap and patiently waited for Trevor to comply.


Finally, Trevor stood up and shut the door. He undid his buckle and unzipped his pants. "I can't believe I want you to do this to me."


"I can't believe you're not already over my knees." Scott's voice was stern.


This prompted Trevor to act. He dropped his pants but not his briefs.


"That's a good start, Trevor. Come over here and lie on my lap, now."


Trevor took awkward steps and leaned over Scott's legs. His head rested on the sofa and he took a deep breath.


Scott let go of the paddle and used both hands to uncover Trevor's ass. He slid the undergarment down, exposing his erection and captured it between his legs.


He picked up the paddle and began the process. "You are not to come until I say you can, understand?"


"Yes, Sir."

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