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The Modern Triad Excerpt



Shawn took a look around the gallery. He noticed the pottery and the abstract work. Nothing that cried "take me home." Then he saw some of the portraits.


"Right, please look around, Marco will join you in about ten minutes."


Shawn nodded, looked at Jillian and motioned to walk toward the portraits.


He could feel the charges in the portraits. The eroticism was not lost on him as he slowly took in each portrait.


Shawn had stopped at the portrait of Ray Lockley and stared intently, then closed his eyes.


The memory flooded back to Shawn as if he was again backstage just after Ray's concert. He had won a contest and had a backstage pass to meet Ray. None of the groupies were inclined to escort Shawn into the room. They just pointed to the door where to find Ray.


He saw Ray opposite the door on a love seat. A person on the floor at his knees with long, dark hair, head bobbing, facing Ray between his legs. It was obvious Ray was distracted. Shawn quietly stepped into the room a few feet.


Ray wore a white gemmed body suit with a "V " opening to the chest, his eyes were closed. He was breathing heavy. His hand on the head of the person going down on him. A few minutes passed, Ray became more excited and started moaning.


Not sure what to do, Shawn is torn between leaving and being a voyeur. He feels himself getting aroused by the scene. He lingered and leaned his right shoulder against the wall still about three feet in front of the door. He closed his eyes and listend to Ray. He heard the excitement in his voice. "Oh. Yes..that's it Marco ..oh fuck"...


Shawn opened his eyes and looked at the body in front of Ray. He had assumed it was a woman from the back but it was obvious he was mistaken.


"Marco..fuck..I'm gonna lose it... Marco." Shawn was shocked at what he heard, but even more shocked at his own growing hard-on. Ray came with a groan of release. Marco looked up at Ray, whispered something and stood up.


Shawn shifted, drawing attention to himself. Marco turned and looked him directly in the eyes. They held each other's gaze for a few moments. Shawn, still stunned and still very hard, stared at Marco and said, " Pardon me" and backed out of the room.


He never told anyone what happened. That was twelve years ago.


He could still hear Ray moaning..."Marco."


"Hello, Marco!" Jillian bubbled in excitement, jarring him out of his memory.


"Jillian, Bella. How perfect to see you again." He took Jillian's hand and kissed it softly.


He walked over to the portrait "And this is Shawn, I presume." Marco's hand came out for a hand shake.


He turned to his left to greet the man who painted this memory for him.


He was beyond stunned, beyond relieved. This was Marco, Ray's Marco. It was almost too hard to believe. That the sole object of his most hidden sexual fantasy was standing in front of him after twelve years.


Shawn held out his hand to greet Marco. "Hello Mr. Farelli. Pleasure to meet you finally. Jillian has told me about your work. But to see it for myself is a privilege. You are a very talented man." "Marco.. fuck..I'm gonna lose it" ...


He did not let go of Marco's hand as he continued to talk. "You painted Ray then? I remember this outfit. He wore it at the concert of his I attended." Shawn looked to see if Marco remembered their brief meeting twelve years ago.


"Yes, I have actually painted about five portraits of Ray. This one he gave to me as a gift". Marco made no move to remove his hand. His eyes narrowed and he looked at Shawn and stated, "You should have stayed. It would have been a good visit."


Shawn was stunned at the forthright acknowledgment of the memory. He didn't know what to say or do.


"It appears, Bella, that Shawn was a fan of Ray as well. Though we traveled in different circles, our paths had very briefly crossed about twelve years ago."


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