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Plane Ride Home Excerpt

 He could feel Abby looking at him not moving, just staring.

“Have we met before, Alex?” She still had not removed her hand from his.

He looked at her again, wondering what made her so attractive to him. Her soft skin glowed and her glossed lips, sparkled pink.  “I don’t think so.” Alex didn’t socialize with many women. Between school, counseling and Jacob, his plate was always full. This could be why they had not found their third yet.

“Tell me something, would you walk away from a three-year relationship because of education?”

He considered her question, observing her facial expressions. God, she is beautiful, so vulnerable, and sweet. She made him want to spank her. “Are you doing the leaving or your partner?”

Abby blinked back a mounting sea of tears and let out a short, bitter laugh. “You left the Mental Health profession why?”  

“It doesn’t take a degree to see you are upset. Need to talk?”

“I’m beginning a new segment of my life. I am going to be a doctor in a few years.” Her back straightened as she spoke her words. It was clear she took pride in her achievement.

“Do you plan to be a single doctor?”

She glared at him. “Why, are you looking for a relationship?”

The disdain in her voice was palpable. She was hurting and needed a hug. “I’m already in a relationship, Abby. But my hugs are free.”

She pouted, still holding back tears and looked down at her lap. Both her hands now clasped together, twisting in nervousness.

He turned and opened his arms and patted his chest. “Come here, Honey.”

She leaned into his chest and cried softly. Alex just held her and played with her hair for a few minutes. They hardly noticed the plane taking off.

There he was, on his way to rejoin the love of his life, wondering what was going to happen to this woman. “Where are you staying, Abby?”

She leaned back, pulled out a small package of tissues to wipe her tears. He saw no smudge marks or raccoon eyes. She obviously did not wear eye makeup. Nor did she need it. She was a natural beauty. His heart unexpectedly skipped a beat. He knew he had the capacity to care for a woman. He just never felt it this strong or this sudden.

“I don’t know,” her head hung low as she shrugged, “I was planning to stay at my, now exes, sister’s home for a short time until I found a place. But that would be too awkward.”

“Did he just now break up with you?” A low snarl came out.

Her lips quivered as she turned away from Alex’s gaze. “Yes, he’s probably leaving the airport parking lot as we speak.”

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