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Lauren's Heart Excerpt





Lauren pulled into the driveway to the Thompson Farm with a sigh. This promised to be another temporary stay at another small family business. She looked around to determine the odds of catching a decent paying job this late in the year. The driveway is at least paved with no rusty trucks lined up on either side of the property. That’s encouraging; maybe they can afford to hire me.

In fact, the grounds looked well kept. The perimeter fences were wooden and intact. Even in the dead of winter, the groves of trees that lined the property were green. Fortunately, there was no snow yet this winter and no brown slush to spoil the picturesque country scene.

The sound of rumbling hooves came from her left. Lauren slammed on her breaks. Racing past her truck was this vision of an angel with long, wavy strawberry blonde hair. Equally stunning was the chestnut mare she held hard by the reins. Before Lauren could do or say anything, they continued up the paved road toward the buildings.

She drove up expecting an accident but found all was quiet except the typical sounds of a farm. A man splitting wood looked busy and another hammering a new set of doors on the root cellar left of the house. It all looked typical. This meant to Lauren another round of “we don’t need your kind around here.”

She parked her truck next the two others and checked her appearance in her rearview mirror. Her long lashes contrasted the pale blue orbs that stared back at her beneath the ringlets of bangs that hung loose. She picked up her cowboy hat and got out to find the owner.

Footsteps on the gravel told her she would not have to wait long for direction. A burly, blond man greeted her. “You the horse trainer?”

 “Lauren Fabre,” she answered and shook his hand.

    “Trevor Davies, let me take you to Kathleen, the owner.” They walked across the driveway to the singlewide trailer used as the business office.


 Trevor opened the door to the office and waved Lauren inside. “Your horse trainer, Ms. Fabre is here, Ma’am.” He nodded and turned back the way he came.

Kathleen Thompson looked to be in her late thirties. Her light-brown eyes were sharp as she, too, shook Lauren’s hand, “Ma’am, thank you for seeing me.”   It was obvious she kept herself as wound up as the dark braid that hung over her shoulder. Lauren took the offered seat in front of the desk.

“You come highly recommended as a trainer, Ms. Fabre. I’ve got two fillies in the stable needing worked with immediately.” Kathleen stopped and cleared her throat.

       “Please, call me Lauren.” She placed the folder containing her resume and a copy of her driver’s license in front of Kathleen. There was a second reason Vanessa Whitworth called her about this job. A smirk formed on Lauren’s face, her Domme nature creeping out as easily as her next breath.

Kathleen leaned forward with her elbows on her neatly kept desk. Her fingertips tapped together as she seemed to contemplate whether she should continue speaking. “I understand you are equally efficient in training human fillies?” Her voice lowered with her gaze to the bulge between Lauren’s legs.

Lauren leaned back on the chair and put a leg over her knee. This part was shaky for Lauren “yes, Ma’am.” Seldom do work and pleasure become a mixed package for employment. She looked at Kathleen, not volunteering any further comments.

“I must say, I was expecting, well, a man for this special job.”

“You were looking for a cowboy, Ma’am?” She put her hat on her head and squared her broad, masculine shoulders that formed her six-foot frame.

“Yes, that’s what I asked for…”

Lauren leaned forward about six inches, “that’s what you’ve got.”

“So I see.” Kathleen opened the folder and pulled out the copy of Lauren’s license. “May I ask you some personal questions? I tend to be direct and you are a first for me.”

At this part of the interview, the potential employer makes any excuse not to hire her. “Ask away.” She continued to look at Kathleen trying to keep her facial expression passive. I hope to God Vanessa was right about this woman.

“How long have you been training horses?” Kathleen picked up her pen in a clear attempt to distract herself from Lauren’s gaze.

“Eighteen years, it’s always been a gift.”

A quirky smile formed on Kathleen’s face and she seemed to relax just a bit. “What about your other method of training?”

      “The sub training, I started about ten years ago. That too, came naturally.”

      She watched Kathleen hold her breath her eyes drop to the bulge in Lauren’s jeans. “Do you live as a man, Lauren?”

     “I live as a cowboy, Ma’am. People take me as I come or I move on.”   

     “You have no record, no drinking, and no drugs; you come highly recommended on both accounts. Let’s talk business. Are you interested in coming and working for me a while?”

    Inwardly surprised, Lauren nodded at Kathleen. At least we’re past the “we don’t need you at this time” portion of the interview. “How about you show me what you’ve got in mind and I will let you know what I think?”

“Fair enough,” Kathleen picked up her hat at the door and took in a deep breath. “What’s that cologne you’re wearing, Lauren?”

“Stetson, Ma’am.”

“Funny it never smelled so, intense, before.”

Lauren put on her hat and faced Kathleen, “that’s my nature.”


“Yes, Ma’am,”

“I believe that, please, call me Kathy.”

“I like Kathleen better, it suits you.” Lauren tipped her hat and opened the door holding it open.

“Kathleen is fine; I imagine you would have a difficult time calling me Ma’am?”

“Not at all, it’s proper to call a woman in authority Ma’am.”

“Is that how you are addressed?”   

Lauren knew she would have her. Every pore of Kathleen’s body cried a submissive needing released. She looked at her dark-brown braid and imagined it unbound and wavy, framing her face. It wouldn’t be such a chore to train her as a submissive would it.  Lauren stood aside to let Kathleen leave the office first. “No, that would be Sir.”


“Any confusion is removed after the first scene.”

With a sidelong glance, Kathleen nodded at Lauren. A coy smile franed her mouth. “Yes, Sir, I can surely see why.”

She didn’t see the look on Lauren’s face at hearing the word sir come from her lips. They walked together from the office over to the horse stables.


Kathleen gave Lauren the run-down of the operations. “We own eighty acres of woodland, farmland and a horse trail that circles most of the property. The back portion is mostly unused and the nearest neighbor is a few miles away. I have eight employees who help keep the stables, work the field and bail the hay. A five-acre vegetable garden keeps us self-sufficient. In addition, we do all our own canning. I run a busy farm and stable year round.”

Lauren saw Kathleen’s face light up when they entered the stalls. “We have twenty-six Anglo-Arabians, all which we keep like royalty. We breed about three mares at a time and have four studs that keep them busy.” She rubbed the nose of the mare nudging her from behind. “We’ve been fortunate; most of them keep this rich chestnut color.”

“Pardon me, Kathleen? Are you married, you mentioned “we”?”

“No, divorced, it’s just me and my sixteen year-old daughter, Jessica. We’ve run the farm alone, well, without a husband for ten years now.”

Lauren walked to the last stall on the right and greeted the young mare. “There, there, sweet one. Daddy’s come to turn you out. Come on, now, come on.” Her voice was soft and musical. Like magic, the mare moved toward her. A low whinny escaped as she brought her head down to let Lauren pet her.

Kathleen’s eyes widened, crossing her arms over her chest in surprise. “Incredible, that mare has been our demon for six months now. Her name is Shelva.”

“Hello, Shelva.” Lauren offered the mare a carrot stick.

“You mentioned a second mare?” Lauren kissed Shelva’s nose and turned to see Kathleen’s stunned face.

“Yes, Morgan is right behind us…”

The stall was empty. Kathleen shook her head. “What the hell is going on here? Morgan should be in here. Excuse me while I go find my missing mare.” She didn’t wait for Lauren but headed to the training ring next to the stable.

Lauren laughed at the scene in the ring. She saw the same woman, no, teenager, on the same horse she saw thirty minutes ago, with the same determined look on her face.

“Jessica how many times have I told you…?”

“Pull to the left with the reins. Don’t give her a chance to spook.” Lauren barked out orders faster than Kathleen could chide her daughter.  She hopped the fence and came up slowly beside Jessica. The two gradually worked the horse around the ring a half dozen times without much of a tantrum on the mare’s part.

“You have a natural ability with horses, Jessica. Why in no time you will be able to do what your mother has brought me here to do.” She looked into the teenager’s eyes. She had the same sharp gaze as her mother with less skepticism. Jessica did not say anything but looked between her mother and Lauren.

Lauren helped Jessica off the mare but could not help stare as Jessica slid into her arms. “You’re eyes are the color of moss growing on an oak.”

This caused Jessica to blush and took the reins Lauren held out for her. They walked to where Kathleen was standing. “Good job, Jessica. Next time make sure Lauren is with you when you take Morgan out.” Kathleen hugged her daughter and turned to Lauren. “I take it you feel you can work with what I’ve got here?”

The euphemism was not lost on Lauren and the devilish grin said more than a “yes, ma’am ever could. “Great, let’s walk Morgan LeFay here back to her stall and has out some details. Jessica, it’s almost dinnertime. Will you please set an extra plate for Lauren, who will be joining us for dinner?”

“Yes, Mamma, thanks for the help, uh, Lauren.” It was clear Jessica was confused how to address her.

Lauren smiled and gave her a friendly wink. “We’ll work on your girl again, don’t fret.”

Jessica’s face lit up with a smile. “Really, cool! Thanks again.” She walked toward the house with pep in her step.

Kathleen laughed, “It seems a good idea to get you in as a handler after all.” They walked the mare to her stall, where Lauren miraculously pulled out a carrot stick for Morgan.

She looked at Kathleen with new interest. “Where’s Jessica’s father?”

“Pft, who George, he bailed on us to start a new family. He still pays child support. He moved on, we got the farm.”

Lauren heard the bitterness in Kathleen’s voice and felt compassion. She closed in the three feet between them and stood right in front of her new employer. “I can help remove that bitterness in your heart.”

Kathleen looked intently back into Lauren’s searching eyes. “I don’t know what it is about you Lauren. But I trust you; I think you can help me explore my submissive side.” She stopped speaking and just continued to stare at Lauren.

“The term, if you need one is Butch/Domme.”

Kathleen looked away and blushed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. I was lost in my thoughts.” Her eyes dropped between the bulges between Lauren’s legs again.

“I’ll train your horses for the terms discussed earlier. But You, I’ll train for pleasure.” She reached for her crotch and rubbed the bulge.

Kathleen’s eyes widened in surprise, “I never considered a woman for a lover…but I would love that, Sir.”

“I can smell your excitement, Kathleen. Have you ever submitted before?”

“No, you would be a first for me on all counts.”

Lauren let out a snort and touched her face. “I will make you come harder and faster than any man or woman could, and without ever touching you.” She moved closer to and lifted her face with a finger. “Would you like that, Kathleen?”

“Yes, Sir,” She barely squeaked out her answer.

“Yes, Sir, what, Kathleen?” Lauren’s hand gently brushed the outline of Kathleen’s breasts, still with one finger.

“Sir, I want you to turn me out and make me come harder than I ever have before.”

Lauren nodded, “You mentioned dinner?”

Kathleen snapped out of her submissive headspace. “Yes, please join us. It’s just Jessie and me. I will show you to your cottage after dinner.”

The short walk to the main house was just what Lauren needed to clear her head. What the fuck am I doing?  Shit, a straight divorcee with a teenage daughter? This is gonna go bad. She tried some small talk. “So, how did you meet Vanessa Whitworth?”

“We went to college together. She had connections to a way of life I had briefly experienced before I had Jessica. I thought it was time again to build my life.”

Lauren stopped walking and waited for Kathleen to turn and face her. “And you think this lifestyle is what you’ve been missing?”

“I don’t know yet, Lauren. But I think you can show me around it a bit.” Kathleen answered with a smile and a blush.

Lauren whispered to herself as they entered the house. “I’ve always loved a good challenge.”


True to her word, Lauren slowly chipped away the bitterness embedded deep in Kathleen's heart. This was accomplished one flogging, one kiss at a time.

 But this story isn't about Kathleen, it's about Lauren. It's about what happens when a woman learns there is much more to her sexuality than she ever possibly imagined.


Fifteen Months Later

Chapter One


"I know what you and momma do together." Lauren heard Jessica murmur behind her. They were taking their usual Sunday morning horse ride around the eighty-acre property.

Lauren knew something was going on. And knew it had everything to do with sex. Not a light conversation to have with her submissive’s teenage daughter. "Your mother and I spend a lot of time together, Jess." Lauren kept her voice steady and passive.

The quick sound of hooves fell in step with her. They rode in stride for a few yards neither one speaking. "I'm taking about your sex games." Jessica's voice was direct but curious.

Oh, hell. Lauren stopped her horse and looked at Jessica stoically, waiting for her to make her point.

"Lauren, Sir, I, I want you to train me." The passion behind Jessica’s desire was obvious as she stared back at Lauren.

The pleading in Jessie’s voice and face was more than she could accept. She turned her horse and rode the other way, not saying a word.

Jessica's sigh was audible as she caught up to her again. "I'm eighteen, that's legal. I've been doing some research. I'll sign a contract." Clearly, she thought this through and was determined.

Lauren was not ready for this conversation. Fuck me. She needed time to think.  "Jessica, I can't have this conversation with you right now."

"So you mean we will eventually have this conversation?"

"Look, Jess..." Lauren was interested in turning out Jessica. That was beside the point. Jessica had bloomed into a tall, voluptuous young woman. She was innately submissive like her mother without the cares of the world. She was smart, sexy, giving, and well, perfect. Still, she was too young.

"I won't discuss this unless you are willing to have Kathleen involved in this. I'm not the cheating type. You should know that."

"Bring my mom into this? It doesn't have anything to do with her!" A pout formed on Jessica's already full lips.

"Silly girl, what do you think you know?" Lauren was hoping the age slant would deter her for a bit.

 "I've seen you two...in the cottage." Jessica spoke the words in a daze of remembrance.

Lauren looked into Jessica's eyes and saw excitement as her cheeks developed a slight flush under her gaze.  Goddamn, she’s serious. Well, isn’t this what you’ve been fantasizing about for the last six months now? She tried to stop her inner conversations. "That's enough. You come with me and we'll all talk this out. I might "play games," as you say, but they are adult, consensual games. If you've watched, you probably have questions. This is your only chance, Jess. My way or nothing, and you mother will know."





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