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Heart of the Wrangler Chapter One


 Six am, the man was as good as his word. Laurel Clark saw Jackson get out of his pickup and lean against the corral. My is he a sight. I do appreciate a man in tight jeans. His left nothing to the imagination. Her eyes moved up to the shine of his wide belt buckle. Rodeo man, eh? Tanner’s gonna love him.

His shirt was unbuttoned to the naval. A broad chest filled out the standard button down western shirt. I wonder just how rugged his face is. As if on cue, he made eye contact with her and gave her a short nod. He had a strong jaw, a pronounced cleft chin with no facial hair. The intensity of his stare caused her to gasp. She withdrew from behind the curtain and fanned her face. He’s easy on the eye. No, she and Tanner weren’t looking to replace Chad, were they?

The sound of Tanner’s bare feet on wood caused her to turn around. “The new wrangler’s here. Shall we meet him together? I can wait for you to dress.”

Tanner had only a towel around his waist. “Early bird, eh, I like him already. You can go on down if you’re ready, Laurel. I’ll just be a few minutes. A sly grin came over his face as he slid the towel off to expose his rising hard-on to his wife. Unless I can coax you into staying up here with me a little longer.”

Laurel sauntered over, donned her cowgirl hat, and reached for him. “Whoa buck, you need some taming. But, I ain’t got time for that.” She stroked him casually for a moment. “Truth be told, I should take care of you now. Once you see Jackson you’re bound to stay this way all day.”

She felt his cock jerk with her words. “Laurel, honey, do you think it’s time, yet?”

Laurel looked up at her husband and sighed. “It’s been two years, Tanner. I don’t know. I just got that feeling, just like the last time.”

Tanner took her chin in his hand and looked at her. “No one could replace him, Laurel. We would never have started this ranch if it hadn’t been for Chad.”

“I know, meh, let’s get you dressed. We’ll go together.” She gave his long, slender cock one final stroke.

“You sure know how to tease, woman.” He groaned when she stopped and finished getting dressed. “Some things just come easier than other, I suppose.”

With a wicked grin, she handed Tanner his hat and headed down the stairs.


*       *       *          


“You will be assigned a room in the employee cabins. When Mr. and Mrs. Clark come down for breakfast, they will fill in the rest.”

Lola, the cook, was already working on the scrambled eggs when the Clarks entered the kitchen. A tall, well-built man came in and nodded at him. “Jackson LaMont?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You ready for some breakfast?”

“Thank you, yes.” Jackson nodded as he took the coffee Tanner offered. They sat at one of the six, long bench tables used during the tourist season.

“I’m Tanner, this is Laurel. Pleased to have you aboard. Your resume is quite impressive. I hope you will find dude wrangling to your liking. We are looking to fill the position permanently.”

 An easy smile formed on Jackson’s face as he joined his new employers for breakfast. “Horses I know, people, they can be a challenge. I’m sure I can help people appreciate horses, though. I’ve loved them my whole life.” He looked over at Laurel. “Ma’am, thank you for the stellar directions.”

“My pleasure Jackson. I’m glad to hear your willingness to teach people about horses. I have a couple of interns that need to learn the basics about horses and trail rides. I was hoping you’d dig in and show them a thing or two. Do you go by Jackson or Jack?”

Lola brought over a full tray of eggs, bacon, and potatoes. He fixed a plate and offered it to Laurel. The next one he handed to Tanner. The gesture was automatic and came as a surprise to him. “Jack works, or Jackson, I answer to both.” He took his first bite and smiled. “This is just what I needed, hot coffee, and a great breakfast.”

He continued his meal and listened as the Clarks talked about the yearly schedule. He found himself drawn in to the light, southern twang of laurel’s voice. His eyes took in her natural features. She kept her thick, red hair long and braided. It seemed to better facilitate the physical work on a ranch. He watched her clear green eyes squint with interest as she spoke. Years in the sun gave her a natural tan and a light painting of freckles along the nose and high cheeks.

Laurel described her expectations. His eyes moved down just a bit to her chest. Her breasts were high and tight and brushed against the table as she, too, continued her meal. She probably never had any children. Not a toothpick, she has some shape to her, too. She talks a lot. I wonder if she is generally nervous or is it just me. If I stare at her too long, her face turns flush. Whoa boy, don't go there.

He nodded through another round of information, this time from Tanner. He seems to look at me with a curiosity, as if he was expecting something. Tanner was tall, six feet with a muscular build. His sandy brown hair was short. Jackson could smell the fresh aftershave. His smiling, brown eyes put him at ease. Jackson had the strange sense of coming home.

Hmm, he's looking me over, that's obvious. Well, what do we have going on here? Shit, I missed my cue to speak. “I'm sorry, Tanner; I'm taking all this in. What was that?” Something seemed to be brewing here at the table. His mind couldn’t figure it out but his cock knew.

“Tracey will be here at seven. She will take you to your room. Until then, do you have any questions or need anything?"

The apple shaped clock on the wall read six forty. “Other than paperwork, I’m good to go.”

Laurel stood first. “Yes, we can do that later, Jackson. How about if Tanner gives you a tour of the property. We can meet say, around eleven. That will give you a chance to look around and freshen up.”

Jackson nodded and stood up with Tanner. “I’ll just put my gear in the hallway if that’s OK?”

*       *       *     

“That’s perfect, Jack. I’ll meet you in a minute.” Tanner led Laurel into the office in the back of the house. The Clarks’ business office was a large, circular room with an outside entrance that connected it to the front of the property. “Take him around the property? What are you up to, Laurel? You know Kenny does the orienting.”

“Tanner, this man is different, I can feel it.” She met Tanner’s gaze. “No, it’s not my hormones. He is interested in both of us. I know I’m interested in him, what about you?” She gave him a Cheshire cat grin.

Tanner rolled his eyes. “Pfft, what’s not to be interested in? He’s six feet of purebred cowboy.” His head leaned back as he pulled his wife closer to him. “All muscle, not a talker and he smells great. His lips are fuller than I’ve ever seen on a man…” He snapped his had forward, excitement in his voice. “Did you see his eyelashes?”

Laurel took in a deep breath. “They are so long. His hair is so dark and curly.”

“…And his, uh, nice fitting jeans.” Tanner sighed.They were standing chest to chest now, drawn together by their observations of Jackson.

“Do you really think though?” Damn, if a rough and tough stud like Jack were bisexual…”If we’re wrong, this could go bad, Laurel, very bad. Our reputations could be damaged.” He shook his head, almost dismissing the idea.

“That’s why I want you to take him around. You know the cues. Hell, it’s easy for me I’m the female here. But, if my gut is right…” She leaned her head on her husband’s chest.

He put his arms around her, swaying. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, babe?” His voice wistful and barely over a whisper.

“Too long I say. I trust your judgment, Tanner.” She reached up and gave him a peck on the lips. “Go on now; I’ve got some work here.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He stole a kiss and high tailed it into the hall. He found Jackson leaning against the wall, head turned just slightly toward him. “You ready for a tour or did you want to rest first?” He walked within a foot of Jackson. A little closer than some might consider polite. He leaned his right elbow against the wall, almost closing in on Jackson.

*       *       *      

The subtle gesture was not lost on Jackson. He turned his head full on toward Tanner. About eight inches separated them. “I’m game,” was all he said but made no motion to move. They stared at each other for a long minute. Yeah, this is getting interesting all right. He watched Tanner put his hat back on and together they headed to the stables.

“Let’s ride, Cowboy.”

He followed Tanner through the various trails he would be leading the guests. Many wound around a lake in the back center of the property. After about ninety minutes, they dismounted at a small pond.

Tanner sat down on the ground and plucked a blade of grass to chew on. “What do you think so far?” The subtle invitation caught Jackson off guard. He sat down beside Tanner and bit his upper lip. He was unsure what to say. He knew what he was reading the signals right, but didn’t want to blow another job.

For Pete’s sake, it was a husband and wife. This was perfect. This was fantasyland. Fuck it, you only live once. He looked at Tanner for a minute, trying to piece together what was quickly happening with this husband and wife. The sexual undercurrent was real he could feel it. “I like what I see.”

Tanner nodded and looked away. “Laurel thought you were interested. We come as a couple. We’re open and honest and don’t play mind fuck games.”

Jackson thought he died and went to heaven. What more could a man want, well a bisexual man anyway. “I take it this isn’t a first for y’all?”

Tanner sat up and threw the blade of grass to the side. “Carl started this ranch with us. He was our partner in life for five years until he died two years ago.” Tanner’s voice lowered in reflection. “We loved him dearly. He was our mate. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. We only met you three hours ago. Our whole life is built around this ranch, our reputations are important.”

Jackson decided he needed to open up to Tanner. “My last job, ironically, I had a relationship with my boss. Heh, that’s not a habit with me, sleeping with my boss. I hated being his boy toy. I wouldn’t give up women. He got pissed and I had to leave. I almost didn’t even reply to your ad.”

“Are you glad you did?” Tanner asked.

“Ask me again in three months.”

“Fair enough.” Tanner stood and reached out to take Jackson’s hand as he stood. “Let me welcome you to Chez Ranch, Jack.” He brought Jackson to his chest; his left hand cupped his chin gently as he leaned to kiss him. Tentative at first, then a second embrace that was fiercer as Jack kissed him back. Showing him an inkling of what was to come.

“Thank you for the invite, Tanner. I’m looking forward to being here.”


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