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FInding The Enclave Excerpt

Finding the Enclave

Chapter One

 Josh was sitting in his truck outside Randy’s house. Contemplating, what, asking his best friend to be his boy friend? Not a real one, just for pretend so I could get into Ellen’s pants?  What a crazy idea, he shook his head. No, it was more than that. He felt a connection with Ellen and he definitely wanted to see her again. First, he had to find a boyfriend. “I don’t date straight men.” He could still hear her words in his head.

 “Hey butt wipe, you bring the beer?” Randy called out from the front door, bringing him out of his unexpected thoughts.  Josh tried to stifle his frustration but a sigh still escaped his lips as he followed Randy into the living room. “Who all else is coming tonight?”

 “Just Ryan and Nick,” Randy’s cut-off shorts shaped his ass perfectly as he bent down to shove the beer in the fridge. Josh let out an unconscious low whistle. Randy turned around and gave him a questioning look, but didn’t say anything. Good thing too, Josh felt his face heat up too embarrassed to speak. Randy pulled out two beers and handed on the Josh. “You look like you need a few of these.” He smirked and greeted the other guys who walked in together.




 Josh was quiet most of the night and held off drinking too much. He rationalized the whistle was due to Ellen and her ultimatum. Still, he wondered why she would want to sleep with someone who also slept with men. These past couple of weeks, he began noticing men more frequently. Randy, he decided, was fine looking and totally distracting his card playing. Josh tried to ignore his growing attraction to his best friend. Tonight he found himself preoccupied, appreciating Randy’s features.

He had thick, curly black hair he kept short. Just now, it was getting a little too long and the curls went where they wanted. His eyelashes were long with a natural curl that softened Randy’s masculine physique. Dark piercing eyes were staring back with similar interest even taunting him.

 “You’re playing shitty cards, Josh. I hope whatever’s bugging you continues next week,” Ryan guffawed and slapped his back.

 “Yeah, busy week, I guess.” He looked back over at Randy who began collecting the cards and chips. Goddamn, why did Randy have to have those full lips? Josh felt his face get red again and stood to cool off. “What do you have in the fridge, Ran, I’m starving?”

 Nick yawned and stood up. “Well, I broke even this week. I’m going over to Tina’s to get laid. See you guys for the game.” He grabbed his helmet and left.

 Ryan picked up his pile of ones and put them all facing the same way. “I’d better bail too. The night is still young, anyone want to hit a club?”

 “Naw, I’m not up for it. Besides, fucker, you took all my money.” Josh collected the beer bottles off the table.

“Ha! Well fine then, Randy?” he punched him in the arm to get his attention.

 “Huh? No, I think I had enough to drink tonight. And at least I have some money left in my wallet.” Randy rolled his eyes at Josh.

 “Yeah now you get to feed me,” Randy definitely gave off conflicting vibes all night. He was not used to reading cues from men but felt there was something different since the whistle.

“Fine, see you next week, guys.” Ryan put the ones in his pocket and left.




 Josh walked to the fridge, bent down to look into the crisper and looked over his shoulder. “How old is this deli meat, Ran?” He didn’t say anything but sat and stared at Josh. That didn’t work. Josh pulled out the meat and cheese. “I’m making a sandwich, do you want one?”

 “Sure, I’ll get the pickles;" Randy finally answered and joined him at the counter.

He was being too quiet. Josh began to get nervous again. He felt like he did at fifteen years old in high school, unsure and hard.

Randy brought the rest of the condiments onto the counter and together they ate their sandwiches. “You gonna tell me what’s going on with you, Josh?”

“What do you mean?”  The bite of sandwich hid is smirk. Good at least he noticed.

“Fuck, Josh, are you turning queer on me?”

 Josh choked on his food. He downed a half a beer and finally looked at Randy who was still staring at him. Fuck, fuck he’s hot. What am I thinking? His beady, dark brown eyes were birdlike in their movement. They looked at Josh with more interest than ridicule.

He shook his head, trying to stop his continued gaze down Randy’s body. His fire fighter’s body was in optimum shape. He was solid and strapping, just a couple of inches shorter than Josh. He was sporting a navy blue tee with his firehouse logo.  Small ridges appeared defining Randy’s pieced nipples. Josh remembered a rush of excitement when he first saw them a few years back.

 Randy didn’t say anything else, but stared back at Josh with what seemed to be now, unashamed interest. He left Josh to finish his sandwich.  “Lock up when you leave.”

 “No prob, Ran.”




Josh sat there for a few minutes finishing his sandwich. He should have said something, anything. He had this perfect opportunity to ask Randy if he would help him out and look what happened. He choked on a sandwich and stared at Randy’s cock. Not cool, not cool at all, he probably thinks I am gay now.

He stood up and headed down the hall to talk to Randy. The door was open to the bedroom the shower was on in the bathroom. This is stupid I should just leave and talk to him tomorrow. He doesn’t think I’m gay.  Though, he was looking at me all night with some kind of interest. Josh talked himself the rest of the way through the room, to the bathroom door. Fuck it, he opened the door and saw Randy jerking off through the shower curtain. Heard his release with a low growl and backed out of the room. Oh my God, Oh my God, Josh shut the door and left the house.



Oh my fucking God, why did I have to go into his bathroom? Josh tossed and turned in his bed. He already jacked off twice and still found no relief from his ache. Yeah, that’s what it was, an ache. He was still attracted to Ellen. But it was Randy that kept him hard all night, from bending over at the fridge, to watching him come through the shower curtain. He finally began to understand a bit more of what Ellen might find so appealing. I’m so screwed. I want to…want to what, kiss, touch, suck off my best friend. Josh smiled to himself. Well, I did tell Ellen I wasn’t straight.

He laughed to himself as Randy’s question came back to him. “Are you turning queer on me, Josh?” No, it wasn’t ridicule. Randy was curious, if not interested. Unsure what to do Josh fell asleep wondering what two men really do together..


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