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Excerpt from Destiny's Valley





Pertaining to the sacred, life, great strength, abundance and gratitude


 Melona got out of her jeep and looked in awe at the land before her. Twenty acres in the Shoshone owned region just outside Dubois, Wyoming.  Home, imagine that. I have finally found my home.


Twilight provided a spectacular view of the vista that expanded from the top of the mountain. From this vantage point, the valley opened where her land was located. The pink and orange horizon fell as a backdrop to the lush of the green groves that surrounded the water. "Echo Lake" is what the natives called it. Her Native American blood was the only reason she was able to purchase it.


How did I manage to be further from civilization?


Though it was only fifteen miles out of town it was hidden to the general public by an unpaved single lane road.


How will I ever get construction crews in to build?


   Even a half a mile away she felt a pull to plant her roots.  This was sacred land and a dedication ceremony was needed to honor it and its inhabitants. Melona understood about the earth, the seasons and had a deep appreciation for life. Even having lived her whole life in the city, it still seemed odd to "buy" the land. The Shoshone tribe knew she would be a good steward. Spirit will guide where to build the house.


She was closer to meeting her destiny, closer to her mates. She looked around and imagined them coming out of the woods, waiting for her. No, not yet, but they are close. I can feel them.


Without further thought, she got into her jeep and drove down into the valley, "Destiny's Valley”.





Divine spirit, sacrifice, connection to creator, intelligence, renewal, courage, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, freedom, and risk-taker


Spring Equinox, this is a good time to dedicate the land Melona intended to bind to herself. Here, she will live out the rest of her life.  She noticed there was still a layer of ice coating the lake. It was March, and spring thaw hadn't begun.


There was a clearly defined path about six feet wide.  It started up from the shore and circled the lake. On the west side of the lake, facing south, there was a clearing about a half an acre wide. This is where she envisioned her home.


She parked her Jeep and walked to the clearing. All around her were fir, spruce, and pine. She knew they would give her shelter during the summer months.


She sat in the center of the clearing and closed her eyes.  She opened herself to what Spirit wanted to show her. A few minutes of meditation, she felt herself soar above the lake. She had an eagle's eye view of the valley and saw a perfect place to dig a well. The tops of the trees held a dozen or more nests. The hawks and falcons never migrate. This was their home. Many such families have lived here for generations.


Life presented itself all around her. The birds cawed, the frogs, once dormant, were croaking. The wind rustled the trees, and in the far distance, coyote called to one another. She could sense acceptance from the life around her and tried to convey to them that the changes to come would break this peace, but it was temporary.


 The ceremony happening. She was bonding with the land and her neighbors welcomed her. This was what she hoped to accomplish. A familiar vibration began inside her.  Her connection to Spirit was strong here.


She was back on the ground with her eyes open. At once, she saw them. The totem animals appeared. The guides of the ones she will meet and mate. Her journey had been long, but she intended to follow the direction of Spirit.


 Her leg muscles groaned from resting on the hard ground for so long. She took a minute as she stood to glance at the new picture her land was presenting. Great hope and joy filled her as she felt a sense of relief, then surprise. Oh no, these totems were opposites of each other. The beaver and the panther were the totems shown to her this day.


Melona worked her way back to her Jeep to start the trip back to town.  When did this all really begin? How did a Wall Street broker end up deep in the woods living off the land? This has always been her dream.




Protection, hidden emotions, introspection, caution, careful decisions


Seven o'clock, the alarm was ringing. Kevin reached over with his eyes still closed and turned it off. He had that dream again. The smell of pine still permeated his senses, even as he was waking.


Two people were waiting for him. They wanted him to...


He opened his eyes. Things were still out of focus without his glasses. He didn't need them to see the erection he woke up with, again.


I am not an adolescent He told himself. Has it been so long that now I'm dreaming of sexual encounters? Kevin removed the blankets, sat up and put on his glasses. With his world now in focus, he tried to concentrate on his daily routine.



The visions of the insatiable couple continue, as they lie naked together in the woods. Though it was winter, they were obviously warm; an intense heat was building around them. Kevin walked toward them and saw they were coupling. He was enamored as he watched the length of the man's cock slowly work it in and out of the voluptuous woman beneath him.


Floating between his dreamscape and reality, he walked to the shower still in a daze. The dream became alive in his head again. The steam rose as he stepped in to the shower, glasses off somehow, as well as his pajama pants.


He was standing before them, watching their passion build. They were calling to him. "Kevin, we're waiting for you. We aren't complete yet."


Kevin put his left hand on the wall to steady himself.


He stroked in time with the man as he entered her. She spread her legs wider in accommodation, her hips rising with each motion. The treble in her voice suggested she was near orgasm. Kevin was close now, as was the man. He could hear him moan, "Kevin, I want you. Don't you like what you see?" asked a familiar voice saying very unfamiliar words. They were both looking at Kevin. Their desire for him was unmistakable, "come with us Kevin."


Kevin spilled his seed all over the shower. This wasn't the first time he had this dream, or some variation over the last three months.


No one knew Kevin was bisexual. Except for his vacations to Europe, all male companionship was limited.


No, it wasn't Anton's face in his dream. This Adonis of a man was muscular and rugged, with piercing gray eyes. Anton was slender and almost feminine in his build with long fingers and long face. Kevin closed his eyes again and sighed. Why did I ever leave Greece? I was happy there. I could have started my business and been with Anton.


The thought of seeing Anton's heartbroken face was too much for Kevin, even fifteen years later. Thank God, it isn't Anton any more. No, this face was more, manly. When he saw this face on the street, he never thought of him as bisexual. He knew this face from right here in Wyoming.


The cold rinse ended Kevin's shower giving him a sobering wake up. His Khaki slacks with matching shirt and tie were already on the chair for the day. Only the sweater needed to be selected to complete the ensemble. Even his brown shoes had their place under the chair, ready for immediate wear. He appreciated simplistic lines and missionary style furniture. This lent to the tidy look he preferred.


The smell of polished wood attested to the impeccable upkeep he maintained on his home. He kept all the flooring and paneling in their natural tone. Still, the wear on the hard wood floor was noticeable as he took the well beaten path from the bedroom to his living room, into the kitchen.


The house was the fruition of his master's project and his early creativity.  At forty-two Kevin was still unmarried and had no children. "Cad Alliance" was his baby and she was quickly approaching fifteen years old.


His routine seldom changed. Breakfast consisted of bran cereal, banana, and coffee. The table was already set and the coffee brewed. He conscientiously ate his cereal, loaded his dishwasher, and called his office.


"Good morning, Cad Alliance, Stephanie speaking."


"Good morning, Stephanie."


"Hello, Mr. Miller. You have a meeting with Ms. Melona Acosta at ten am. She called yesterday just after you left.”


"Acosta, Acosta, that doesn't sound familiar. OK, what's the rest of the day looking like?"


"You have a tentative closure for two pm if the city plans get finalized. I will be on vacation next week. Have you decided who will cover my shift?"


"I'll talk to Cheryl Parson today. Don't even think about it; you just enjoy your time off. I'll be there in about thirty minutes."


Kevin wasn't a superstitious man. However, when he heard the name Melona, he started to get another erection. Oh, man, what’s going on today? He ignored his hard on and gathered his briefcase, keys and jacket that were already by the front door.




Determined, strong-willed, builder, overseer, and protector


Despite the cold, Troy Connor loved this time of year. The construction business was slow and it gave him time to work on his home projects and personal life. Though he would admit, it wasn't much of a personal life just now. He was divorced and lived alone with his dog, Jesse. He had partial custody of his two daughters.


 Mid March was for planning his vegetable and flower gardens. Elizabeth, his oldest, was not interested in cultivating the Connor green thumb. Janie, his youngest, loved nature as much as he did and looked forward to planting the gardens with him.


He was heading to the local nursery to see what is in stock. The sun was bright in the sky. The lack of clouds made for a picture perfect view of the mountains. Even in winter, the pine and spruce didn't lose their color. Troy spent many nights in those mountains, camping and hiking the many natural trails up there.


He had heard from one of his tribesman that someone was looking to by some property there and was surprised. He knew the Shoshone viewed their land sacred. Whoever it was, they must be Native American. Obviously not Shoshone or there wouldn't be talk about the purchase.


Troy took one last look at the mountain before turning onto Main Street where the buildings hid the view of the mountains.


Gladys' Greenery was a staple to the community. Her plants are on display on a thousand lawns throughout the city. The parking lot to the nursery was already packed. The locals were making the first migration of the year to find new and interesting decorations for their lawns.


The excess plants were placed in makeshift rows of varying colors just outside the front door. The annual flowers, the red and orange posies and the miniature celosia added a welcome color to the dullness of the winter setting. Behind them were empty terracotta pots, ready to be filled with the myriads of flowers available.


Just as Troy was reaching a spot, an RV comes barreling toward him. "Aw, come on, Man!" Troy sighed in frustration, unable to get the driver's attention. He noticed the woman behind the wheel as they both came to a stop. What do we have here? New York license plates to boot.


He backed up and allowed the woman to take the contested spot and waited for another to empty.


 With his list in hand he made his way to the front of the store. Perfect timing, he thought as he reached to open the door. "There you go, Ma'am." He made eye contact with the same woman and gave her a nod and a slight smile.


At first, it was a placating smile, but once he really looked at her, he found her quite attractive. His face softened as his smile widened, "I don't recall seeing you in town before, are you visiting?" He asked with genuine interest.


"I just got here today, not visiting. I saw all the cars this early and wanted to know what all the excitement was at 8:30 in the morning. Is it always this crowded here?" she asked returning the smile.


"Preseason gets this way. Gladys has some new stock. Are you planning on gardening in that rig of yours?"


The woman chuckled. It was a wholesome sound, genuine and easy. Troy found himself immediately attracted to her laughter.


"I plan on having a garden, just not right away."


"My name's Troy, welcome to Wyoming." Troy put his hand out to shake her hand.


"Melona," She shook his hand. "Sorry about the parking spot. The next one's yours." Her smile lit up her face and a small dimple on each cheek appeared.


Troy held his arm out for her. "Come on; let me introduce you to Gladys. If you get along with her you will be a shoe in for the rest of the townies."


"Thank you, Troy." She took his arm as he let her through the store, pointing out this plant or that tree. He did all he could to impress her with his knowledge. She fit by his side easily enough. What is it about this woman I find attractive?


Her hair, long and chestnut brown with auburn highlights. Her hazel eyes were clear and sober and conveyed an inner strength. He appreciated the sense of peace he felt as he held her arm. He also noticed how she vibrated. It was hard to describe, he knew she felt it too. They walked in step and talked easily.  One hour felt like a lifetime of friendship with her. He was working out his emotions when she looked at her watch.


"Well, Troy, it's 9:30. I have an appointment. Thank you for showing me around. It was very considerate. Tell Gladys I will come by again and introduce myself, happy gardening."


She smiled and headed to the entrance so quickly Troy didn't know what to say. Damn, I didn't even find out where she is staying. He didn’t have a showy or demonstrative nature. He was often more reserved, almost stoic. He just puffed up like a peacock when he saw Melona. But when he held her arm it seemed to settle his being. And the absence of her by his side left him feeling almost lonely.


He didn't even know where she was camped. Spirit would bring them together again if the timing were right. She didn't say she was just visiting. Distracted by meeting this woman, he haphazardly loaded the back of his truck.  He tightened his seat belt around his waist and started his truck. He knew he would see her again.




Ensuring your emotions are displayed accurately and appropriately

Still reeling from the night of erotic dreams, Kevin waited for his first appointment of the morning. Melona, Melona… His physical reaction to her name heightened his anxiety and he hoped meeting her would prove his overactive libido incorrect in its involuntary reaction.


“Your ten o’clock has arrived, Mr. Miller.”


“Thank you Stephanie.” He stepped out of his office and examined the conference room set up for their first time consultation. There were computers, portfolios and projector screen for presentations.


Taking a final deep breath he stepped into the reception area to meet his potential new client. "Ms. Acosta?" A tentative voice sounded from his mouth.


"Yes, I'm Melona. You must be Mr. Miller?" She stood up and put out her hand in greeting.


"Please, call me Kevin." He took her hand and politely shook it. She is definitely not local. Possibly has some Native blood, but not Shoshone. Melona, hmm, that name fits. Unique features, why she is quite lovely. Kevin smiled.


"Won't you accompany me to my room, err office?" Oh geez, what the hell was that, proverbial Freudian slip. Kevin shook his head slightly in embarrassment.


"This way, please. Stephanie, hold my calls, please." He ignored the stunned look on his receptionist’s face as he walked Melona through the reception area to his office.


"Yes, Sir, you're clear until two pm, Mr. Miller." Her head turning to following them past the conference room to his office.


 Similar to his home, the office furniture was Spartan.  Medium colored wood grains for his desk, chair and walls. The only decorations were the city award plaques from years of service and a few framed scenic prints of the outdoors.


"You come highly recommended, Kevin." She took the offered seat he gestured for her.


"I assume you have some clear ideas as to what you want build, Ms...Ah...Melona? How unusual, is Melona a family name?" Her name again involuntarily stirred his loins.


"No, I am the only one I know with it."


Kevin walked over to his mini refrigerator. “Would you care for something cold, or perhaps coffee?"


"Water would be great, thank you. Yes, I have an idea for a large, three domed home."


"A dome home, eh? They seem to be growing in popularity." He pulled out two bottles of water and turned to Melona. "Pardon me, but have we met before?"


"Not that I recall. I get that from time to time. I’ve never been to Wyoming before.”


 He continued to stare at her looking for some sort of connection. Then he remembered his dreams. His eyes widened in shock. This is ridiculous; I'm just projecting my sexual tensions on this woman. He was hearing her cry out as she climaxed...surely it was her voice... He felt his face turn beet red and walked to hand Melona her water.


"You must think me a fool. I am sorry; I’m usually not this spacey. It's how I started my day, crazy dreams, this cold weather, meeting a beautiful woman." Kevin sighed again and blushed. "Now I'm burbling. Please, save me from myself." He looked at Melona trying to access the perceived damage his mouth had caused.


What's going on here? I am way off kilter. It's just a woman for Pete's sake. True, she is enchanting in her long, flowing printed skirt and matching top. Her rose quartz pendant hanging around her neck just reaching the top of her well endowed bosom. Her cleavage made an ever-enchanting trail that his eyes kept getting caught glancing toward.

She is quite, voluptuous, and that perfume she’s wearing is intoxicating.


He came back to reality in time to hear her say she wanted to build in a remote spot at Echo Lake. “What? You bought that parcel of Shoshone land. I had heard rumors. We have a small community here. The natives have been looking to sell to the right person. How much blood do you have?" Kevin looked at her facial features and noticed her high forehead, widow's peak, olive complexion. Only her hair had deep Auburn highlights but it was straight, full, and healthy.


"My mother is from one of the Algonquin tribes in Canada. There's been talk about my purchase? Interesting, well, it all seemed to come together so smooth I thought I was being swindled at first. Thank God for GPS photography I was able to see what I was buying without coming all the way here until two days ago.”


Kevin watched as Melona drank her water. She has such full lips. He almost reached out to touch her. He felt his body move forward toward her. "What is it about you? I am totally off kilter here." Kevin realized he said that aloud.


Melona recapped her water and put it on his desk. "Did you mean to say that out loud?" She gave him a big smile. He realized she was flirting with him.


"No, I did not. But it is the truth." Kevin sat back in his chair. "This is a precarious start of a working relationship."


Melona cocked her head to the right just a bit. "Maybe it should be more?"


"This isn't how I usually treat my potential clients, trust me on that."



She sat in silence as he drank down half of his bottled water. He was trying to figure out how to regain his composure before she left his office thinking he was nothing but a nut job.


"Tell me about yourself, Kevin. How long has CAD Alliance been here?"


He sighed; relieved to talk about something he could rattle off without fear he would put his foot in his mouth. "I started CAD Alliance almost fifteen years ago, she's my baby. I have three other designers all with their own specialties. One loves designing city landscapes, one designs municipal buildings and my newest designer, Steve, loves churches. My specialty is house designs."


"I'm sure you've seen the web site, but I have a portfolio if you are interested." Finally, feeling more balanced; Kevin took a deep breath and waited for Melona's response.


"Do you have any dome homes pre-designed?"


"Yes, I had an idea to build one for myself for quite some time now. It doesn't have three domes but we can work that out." He stood up, walked to Melona, and offered his hand to help her out of her seat.


"Grab your purse, we are leaving." She took his hand and allowed him to help her stand. He could feel a low vibration passed between their joined hands.


"Is it lunch time?" Melona asked in a teasing tone.


"Are you hungry?" He asked with just a hint of mischievousness in his voice.


Melona laughed, deep and loud, a response that immediately relaxed him. "Tell you what, let’s look at some designs and I will take you to lunch. Is it a date?" Great, now I'm asking my client on a date.


"I bet you know where all the decent food is in town. That sounds just perfect." She squeezed his hand and he brought it to his mouth and kissed her fingers lightly.


With just the lightest kiss on her fingers, he had taken Melona’s breath. He watched her face flush and look up at him.


"OK, so, we are going to...?"


"We are going to look at some floor plans, come on." Kevin smiled as he led Melona to one of the public meeting rooms. “Here is my portfolio. I only focus on residential; you came to the right guy for your home."


 "I love how you economically use the environment, building shelves inside a wall and the flow of your rooms. How do you translate this to a dome home or tri-dome home even?"


"Good question, how many entrances do you want?" Kevin started to pull out some pre-made dome home plans.


"I wanted four, but two would be exits to private patios."


"Interesting, do you have a design already in mind? Something I could draw off?"


"Indeed I do. Let me show you." Melona began drawing her ideas on a pad available on the worktable.


This began a ninety-minute collaboration and a good start on the dream home that both Melona and Kevin envisioned. They discussed, drafted, joked, and jostled with each other. They created a building energy without any pretense.


"It would appear, Kevin, you and I not only work well together, but we both have the same vision for a home." He felt her reach for his hand as they studied the first draft of a well-designed dome home.


He was uncomfortable with the ease of familiarity between the two of them. “I can’t believe it’s almost noon. Are you ready for some lunch?” He cleared his throat in nervousness.


“I could eat a whole...moose!” she chuckled.


“Oh, I think moose is out of season.” Kevin joked back.


“Show me your finest local cuisine. I’m all yours.”


He withdrew just a bit and cleared his throat. “Great, let me get my jacket. I will be right back.” He closed his portfolio and went to get his belongings.


  He walked down the hall with a smile and his over coat. "Shall we?" he asked as he put his arm out for Melona to take.


"Would you like to follow me or accompany me?" He led her to her vehicle.


“Is there a time limit for parking here?"


"Not here that would limit too many tourists and hinder their travels. Where are you staying?"


"I'm staying at Sonny's RV Park. Just off highway 26."


"Ah, I know a great diner about a mile from there. Why don't you follow me? It will give you a better feel for the route."


"Sounds good, Kevin. See you there." She walked up and kissed his right cheek.


He watched her cheeks form dimples as she smiled at him. Kevin shook his head and smiled. Yes, he was definitely intrigued by this woman. A woman?


With hands in his pants pockets, Kevin whistled to his car and pulled out, waiting for her to fall in behind him. He rolled down the window, motioning for her to do the same. "It's about three miles down, we'll take a right, go down about a mile, and turn onto the freeway. You'll see the signs for The Traveler's Feast."


Melona nodded, "I remember seeing that place."


"See you there."

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