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 Erotic Romance                            

All my stories are adult oriented with sexual content. They are intended for mature readers 18+.

Newly Published

  A Plane Ride Home 

Alex was finally on his way home to rejoin his partner in Arizona. He hasn't seen Jacob in two months.  Abby is a young MD in the making also on her way to Arizona. Can Alex break the ice and find out why she is so sad? Can he resolve his attraction to her? Will Jacob be comfortable with a woman in their home? Will Abby agree to at least stay with the two men and see where things lead?

In the works                                

 Check out the links to get a sample of each story and meet the people who's lives are changed by opening their hearts to love in it's various forms.

    Heart of the Wrangler  Jackson LaMont is an out of work wrangler. He answers an ad for a tourist dude ranch. Laurel and Tanner Clark hire Jackson sight unseen. Laurel finds Jackson's looks just as impressive as his working knowledge of a ranch. Can Jackson replace the much needed spot on the ranch and as the Clark's missing "third" in their marriage?

    Lauren's Heart  Meet Lauren, a rough and tough Domme/cowboy with a natural ability to handle fillies of all types. Life brings her to a new home where she watches Jessica grow into a woman and her love. In comes Marcus, looking for a job and a Domme. Can the three of them find a place of trust and love under one roof?

   Trevor's Submission  Trevor married Val for all the wrong reasons. Dejected and broken, he goes back to the farm and finds steady work and a safe place for his heart to recover. Scott is hired to build an add-on to the farmhouse. Trevor is just the man to help the suddenly single, Scott. Will Trevor realize his submissive side, will he get over his failed marriage? Will Scott be able to trust another man again after his failed ten year relationship?

   The Modern Triad  Jillian wanted to find something special for Shawn. Married already seven wonderful years. See what happens during a visit to the local art gallery. Meet Marco the artist who paints old world portraits with a modern flare. Will the attractions become something more? Will it be just a one night stand? Will Shawn let Marcus exit his life a second time?

    Finding The Enclave Josh has seen Ellen at the local Saturday Morning Market for the last six weeks. He finally finds the courage to ask her out. "I don't date straight men." She answers. "Call me when you have a friend." She kissed his cheek and walked away.  He has decided to ask his best bud, Randy, to pretend to be his boyfriend so Ellen would go out with him. See what happens when one statement opens a whole new side of Josh. How does he handle his real attraction to Randy. What happens when he learns Randy is bi and has been attracted to him for three years now? Is there room in Josh's life for Ellen? Will Randy and Ellen get along?

     Destiny's Valley  Where Kevin, Melona and Troy find true love in a way never experienced before. Kevin never thought he would find true love. At forty he is a bachelor and has a successful business in a small western city. Melona is a free spirit who followed a "hunch" that brought her to Wyoming. She was looking for her mates. Troy is a local Native American who began a new life, to pursue a dream that might just be coming true.























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